Image by Aaron Burden

5-Minute Skit Contest

One Step at a Time

Do you have any funny, dramatic, sorrowful, or blithe stories to tell the world? Here, you can compose and act out your very own 5-minute skit! Include the most bizarre characters, fantastical props, and exhilarating plots, then share it with others!


  1. The skit should be original.

  2. Keep the skit under 5 minutes.

  3. Make sure to feature at least 3 characters in your skit.

  4. Make sure the plot is clearly defined.

  5. ​You can have other people perform in your skit as other characters.

  6. Minimal video editing is allowed (cutting, combining, and music).

  7. Make sure the links of skit and video are accessible to the judges.

Judging criteria:

Creativity  30%

Entertainment  15%

Acting 25%

Conflict  15%

Props & costumes  15%

If you have any questions, please send an email to