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About Us

Working Towards a Better Future

Our Leaders

Our highly motivated team members are the backbone of Innovation Towards the Future. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about our incredible team members.

Adam Tang

Founder & President

Adam Tang enjoys learning about new things and generating ideas. He was a board member of the Montgomery County SMOB Advisory Council and the Montgomery County Junior Council. He was also the president of the Student Government Association, a co-founder of the Environmental Club at school to fight climate change, and a team captain of the Odyssey of the Mind team. His past rewards include a High Honor Award for the John Hopkins’ Talent Search, Creative Thinker’s award, and OMER award for extraordinary talent and skills. He is fervent about innovation, especially when it is a time that people can collaborate to make the world a better place. As for music, he has played bassoon in National Youth Orchestra (NYO2) for 2022 and won several awards in international music competitions. He continues to practice it to expand his musicality. He is a problem solver and enjoys using his skills to benefit his community. Through this organization, he aims to inspire others to develop their creativity, as future generations are the key to advancing the scientific field and innovation.

Ivan Zhang


Hi everyone! I’m Ivan Zhang, the secretary here at Innovation Towards the Future. I’m looking forward to helping out in the organization and using my experience in management to answer your inquiries. I’ve acted as a team leader in an IEEE Robotics Team, as well as an assistant captain in an Odyssey of the Mind competition. Some pastimes that I enjoy are coding with Java, playing/modding video games, reading and writing stories, and playing the trumpet and piano. I’ve had some experience in attending contests and events, and I’m willing to use that expertise to make your Innovation Towards the Future experience as good as possible. I’ll help running some of the events here and remember, always progress, and always move forward!

Steven Wang


Hello, my name is Steven Wang. I’m a  treasurer at Innovation Towards the Future. I am looking forward to bringing my experience managing budgets from Odyssey of the Mind’s “Creative Solutions” competition. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, spending time with friends (via video calls of course), experimenting with stop motion animation, and making cardboard toys. I like making toys out of cardboard because it gives me a chance to experiment with mechanisms. I play saxophone in the Potomac Valley Youth Orchestra as well, and I play the piano. I will help running some of the events in the competitions as well. Make your project creative!

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