Animation Competition

Animation Competition

If you find yourself watching Adventure Time with the thought: "I wish this could be in there", come to this competition! Here, you can design and code your very own animation! Bring your ideas to reality! Create team fights, tragic fish love stories, a seaweed's quest to find sushi, and more!

1: No videos over 5 minutes long, but must be at least 1 minute long.
2: No inappropriate stuff (Blood, guts, vulgar slang, etc)
3: Must be original (No animations by others, and no ideas from others)
4: Any kind of animation is allowed (Stop motion, 3d, 2d etc.)

5: Sound effects are allowed

6: VFX are allowed

7: Submit videos using the Google Form
8: There must be a story. If it's a stick fighting animation, then there has to be a clear build-up to the fight. 

Judging criteria:

Creativity: 10 points

Originality: 10 points

Story: 10 points

Animation Quality: 10 points

Sound effects:  10 points

If you have any questions, please send an email to


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