Creative Cooking Competition

Here, you can turn your scrumptious fantasies into reality! You can experiment around with novel ingredients to create a new level of mouth-watering food such as Snoop Dog's famous potato chip chicken and The Game's inventive Taki grilled cheese to share it with others so they can share the yumminess!


1: Make sure to share the DETAILED recipe with us so we can try it out.

2: Copying another person's recipe or taking recipes from the internet is NOT ALLOWED.

3: Only use edible ingredients (no crayons, rubber bands, etc).

4. Must include chicken as one of the ingredients (selected item).

1. Create a recipe with any materials you would like to put in, then gather the ingredients.
3. Record yourself cooking, and specify which ingredient(s) is/are unique or uncommon.
3. Provide your video and the written recipe link to the registration form and fill out the questions.

4: Submit!

Judging criteria:

The creativity of materials used: 50%

End quality: 20%

Clarity: 20%

Includes the selected item: 10%

If you have any questions, please send an email to