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Creative Face Mask Design Contest

Helping The Community

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, face masks have become an essential everyday item. Nowadays, the iconic light blue mask has been recognized as a symbol of these hard times. However, in this competition, you can put whatever spin you want on a mask! Create tie-dye masks, windowed masks, patterned masks and more, then share it with others to create an impact!


1: Masks can be either hand-made or machine-made, but must be original.  Altered designs based on commercially produced face masks will not be accepted. 

2: The masks must have the intrinsic functions of filtration and breathability (It does not have to be medical-grade). 

3: The masks must cover the nose and mouth.



1: First, create your face mask. Then, take several photos of the front and side view of the mask while being worn on the face.

2: Copy the link of your photos to the registration form for submission (make sure the link is sharable so we can access your pictures).

Judging criteria:

Creativity: 50%

Quality: 30%

Appearance: 20%

If you have any questions, please send an email to carolyntang66@gmail.com