Programming Console


Got some great ideas for a game but can't visualize them? Then design them yourself and maybe even get a reward for doing it! Here, you can design, code, and create your own programmed games! Create boss battles, crazy weapons, and cool characters!


  1. Any programming language, script, or block code is allowed to build the game.

  2. The game should have either the main menu with the option for instructions, or a tutorial built into the game.

  3. Keep the game length 3-15 minutes long.

  4. The game should have a clear ending.

  5. Make sure to add graphics to the game.

  6. The game must be accessible through a shared link.

  7. The game must be able to run consistently.

  8. The game should be original, not copy the concept of another well-known game. 

  9. Provide a description of the game and how the game was made.

Judging criteria:

Creativity  30%

Gameplay  20%

Entertainment  15%

Menu/Tutorial 10%

Storyline  10%

Complexity  10%

Ending  5%

If you have any questions, please send an email to