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Updated: Feb 8

The 18th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth will be hosted in the UAE

Nov. 26-28, 2023

COY18 is organized by the Children and Youth Constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (YOUNGO, UNFCCC), the event is in line with the work of this global network of children and youth activists and non-governmental organizations shaping international climate change policies and formally representing youth concerns in UNFCCC processes.

COY18 serves as a platform for climate advocacy, capacity building and policy development training to prepare the youth for their participation in international climate discussions and events.

The youth-led event aims to empower and amplify young voices in different international settings. It offers the youth an opportunity to discuss and support intergovernmental climate change policies and promote change at the local and international levels.

COY18 will focus on youth contributions to the conference’s three major components—policy document, capacity building, skill-building and workshops, which synthesizes the collective demands of children and youth across the world.

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