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Breaking the Fossil Fuel Tax Breaks and Subsidies cycle (Action team with USCAN)

The recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will make commendable investments in renewable energy, building energy efficiency and electrification, pollution abatement in environmental justice communities, and other areas.

However, it also includes giveaways to dirty energy, and is tied to a “side deal” to weaken environmental review of polluting projects. Harmful provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act include:

  • Offshore wind energy development, and wind and solar energy leases on federal lands, are held hostage to more oil and gas lease sales. This will adversely impact frontline communities and sensitive ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, and elsewhere.

  • Nuclear energy subsidies that keep aging reactors open, perpetuating environmental justice harms to Indigenous, Black, and low-wealth communities.

  • More tax giveaways to unproven, expensive carbon capture technology that allows the fossil fuel industry to pretend to address emissions while continuing to pollute.

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