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Creative Competitions

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Innovation Towards the Future offers several virtual creative competitions which include Creative Cooking, Creative Face Mask Designing, Creative Problem Solving, 5-minute Playwriting, Game Coding, Animating, Music Composing, and Recyclable Materials Fashion Design. We encourage students to come up with creative ideas and turn these ideas into reality even during COVID-19 pandemic.

Creative Cooking Competition

Here, you can turn your scrumptious fantasies into reality! You can experiment around with novel ingredients to create a new level of mouth-watering food such as Snoop Dog's famous potato chip chicken and The Game's inventive Taki grilled cheese to share it with others so they can share the yumminess! Rules: 1: Make sure to share the DETAILED recipe with us so we can try it out. 2: Copying another person's recipe or taking recipes from the internet is NOT ALLOWED. 3: Only use edible ingredients (no crayons, rubber bands, etc). 4. Must include chicken as one of the ingredients (selected item). Instructions: 1. Create a recipe with any materials you would like to put in, then gather the ingredients. 3. Record yourself cooking, and specify which ingredient(s) is/are unique or uncommon. 3. Provide your video and the written recipe link to the registration form and fill out the questions and submit. Judging criteria: The creativity of materials used: 50% End quality: 20% Clarity: 20% Includes the selected item: 10%

Creative Face Mask Design Contest

Helping The Community

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, face masks have become an essential everyday item. Nowadays, the iconic light blue mask has been recognized as a symbol of these hard times. However, in this competition, you can put whatever spin you want on a mask! Create tie-dye masks, windowed masks, patterned masks and more, then share it with others to create an impact! Rules: 1: Masks can be either hand-made or machine-made, but must be original. Altered designs based on commercially produced face masks will not be accepted. 2: The masks must have the intrinsic functions of filtration and breathability (It does not have to be medical-grade). 3: The masks must cover the nose and mouth. ​Instructions: 1: First, create your face mask. Then, take several photos of the front and side view of the mask while being worn on the face. 2: Copy the link of your photos to the registration form for submission (make sure the link is sharable so we can access your pictures).

Judging criteria: Creativity: 50% Quality: 30% Appearance: 20%

Creative Problem Solving Tournament

Reinforcing our Commitment

Is there any problem in your community that your inner creativity is itching to solve? Here, you can let it loose! Solve problems that you are aware of technology, environment, transportation, recreation, and so on to make the world a better place to live! The theme of this year is to create solutions that make things more eco-friendly. Rules: 1: No copying any innovations from the internet or other resources. 2: Do not include any inappropriate or questionable words or phrases. 3: Be safe when creating your innovations. Instructions: 1: Find a problem you would like to solve. 2: Present your problem and solution in video format, and explain the steps you took to solve it. 3: Provide your video link using the google form below and answer the questions. 4: Submit! Judging Criteria: Creativity: 40% Feasibility 20% Clarity 20% Research/Content 20%

5-Minute Skit Contest

One Step at a Time

Do you have any funny, dramatic, sorrowful, or blithe stories to tell the world? Here, you can compose and act out your very own 5-minute skit! Include the most bizarre characters, fantastical props, and exhilarating plots, then share it with others! Rules:

1: The skit should be original.

2: Keep the skit under 5 minutes.

3: Make sure to feature at least 3 characters in your skit.

4: Make sure the plot is clearly defined.

​5: You can have other people perform in your skit as other characters.

6: Minimal video editing is allowed (cutting, combining, and music).

7: Make sure the links of skit and video are accessible to the judges.

Judging criteria: Creativity 30% Entertainment 15% Acting 25% Conflict 15% Props & costumes 15%

Game Coding Contest

Got some great ideas for a game but can't visualize them? Then design them yourself and maybe even get a reward for doing it! Here, you can design, code, and create your own programmed games! Create boss battles, crazy weapons, and cool characters! Rules: 1: Any programming language, script, or block code is allowed to build the game.

2: The game should have either the main menu with the option for instructions, or a tutorial built into the game.

3: Keep the game length 3-15 minutes long.

4: The game should have a clear ending.

5: Make sure to add graphics to the game.

6: The game must be accessible through a shared link.

7: The game must be able to run consistently.

8: The game should be original, not copy the concept of another well-known game.

9: Provide a description of the game and how the game was made.

Judging criteria: Creativity 30% Gameplay 20% Entertainment 15% Menu/Tutorial 10% Storyline 10% Complexity 10% Ending 5%

Animation Competition

If you find yourself watching Adventure Time with the thought: "I wish this could be in there", come to this competition! Here, you can design and code your very own animation! Bring your ideas to reality! Create team fights, tragic fish love stories, a seaweed's quest to find sushi, and more! Rules: 1: No videos over 5 minutes long, but must be at least 1 minute long. 2: No inappropriate stuff (Blood, guts, vulgar slang, etc) 3: Must be original (No animations by others, and no ideas from others) 4: Any kind of animation is allowed (Stop motion, 3d, 2d etc.) 5: Sound effects are allowed 6: VFX are allowed 7: Submit videos using the Google Form 8: There must be a story. If it's a stick fighting animation, then there has to be a clear build-up to the fight. Judging criteria: Creativity: 10 points Originality: 10 points Story: 10 points Animation Quality: 10 points Sound effects: 10 points

Music Composition Competition

Have you heard some good music and thought, "I want to make something like that."? Well, in this competition, you can create a musical composition on your own. It can be with or without vocals. Submit a recording of your composition. Rules:​ 1: Make the composition no longer than 5 minutes. 2: No offensive language (if doing vocals) 3: Must be completely original (no covers or copied content) 4: You are allowed to edit the sounds 5: You can use whatever instruments and programs you want (ex. pots, Soundtrap, etc) Judging criteria:​ Originality: 10 points Creativity: 10 points Use of dynamics: 5 points Cohesiveness of piece: 5 points Complexity: 5 points

Recyclable Material Fashion Design Contest

Find innovative design solutions to protect the planet and create a better environment for everyone.


1: You must use recyclable materials to create your products but can use non-recyclable items as connectors.

2: Your final product must be original and not copied from another source.

​Instructions: 1: Create your clothing (with or without accessories) from recyclable items and take photos of the front and side. 2: Copy the link for your pictures to the registration form for submission (make sure the link is sharable so we can access your photos). Judging criteria: Creativity: 50% Appearance: 35% Quality: 15%

Entry Guidelines for Competitions

Entry Deadline:

The deadline for sign-up is January 31, 2021, and the deadline for submissions is March 31, 2021.

General Guidelines:

  1. This competition is available to grades K-12, with no registration fee.

  2. The participants will be divided into elementary school, middle school, and high school.

  3. Everyone can participate in one or more entries for one or more competitions.

  4. Sign up through this form:

  5. Submit your finished product through this form:

  6. The Media Release Form is required to be signed by one parent/legal guardian and emailed back to The Form can be accessed through the link:

  7. Review each category and ensure that the content meets the qualifications for the category or categories in which it is being submitted.

  8. Content not appropriate to the category or categories may be disqualified from the competitions.


All categories will be judged by professionals invited by Innovation Towards the Future.

Announcement of Winners

Winners will be announced by May 15, 2021. Awards distribution will be arranged at that time.

Prizes & Recognition

  1. Trophies and prizes are awarded per category.

  2. At the discretion of the judges, Honorable Mentions may also be named for individual categories. Honorable Mentions will receive a certificate.

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